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Real Info - real estate agency in Tashkent, Uzbekistan




Realiable information for those considering to rent, lease-out, purchase or sell realty items in Tashkent: houses, apartments, commercial property, ground areas.


Up-to-date information on :

- ca. 700 available (unoccupied) apartments and houses in the Data Base any time of the week in any district of the City.

- ca. 5000 photos, 50 videos, and detailed information on 1900+ apartments for rent.

- English, Russian, Uzbek speaking agents who will guide You through the city helping You find a place that would feel like home.

- long and flexible office hours with 9am - 9pm customer support.

- professional approach to any and every request.

- reasonable commissions/tariffs with 40+ payment options.


N.B. : Content of the web site is being moderated. Should You have any queries or concerns, please, contact us.